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The Coffee Bean

The beginning stages of the "Cup of Joe" are the most important. The berry has so many phases as it grows with a variety of forces that the farmers have no control over while the berries grow. Inconsistencies can be made every year but we try our hardest to balance it out during the roasting process. To solidify your morning "Cup of Joe" so it is one you'll remember.

Craft Roasted

Obsession for Quality



We work with various farms around the world. All have different styles and cherries with a variety of other unique additions dependent on area



Every year a "cupper" goes and tastes the farms new harvest since different years can produce a number of unique cupping notes to that year



We leave the easiest part for you. Grind it how you like, and extract it how you like for your perfect cup of coffee

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Christmas Blend
Christmas Blend
Christmas Blend
Christmas Blend

Christmas Blend


Christmas Blend

With a flavorful body, full of rich molasses, brown sugar, and dark chocolate notes, our exquisite single origin is the perfect coffee for enjoying at anytime of the day! This silky coffee was roasted to produce a coffee which is perfect for brew methods from pour over to espresso. With flavorful and smooth notes it is certainly a coffee you will not be disappointed with and will be back for more.

Type: Blend

Notes: Candied orange, velvety chocolate, and baking spice

Origin: Central and South America

Elevation: 1200-1600 Masl

Process: Washed

Roast: Med-Dark

Size: 12 oz

Whole bean or Grounds

Grind Level: Drip

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